Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Canon EOS 350D still for sale

Now that I’m back from the scorching tropics, I have to finish a number of things I left pending as I didn’t have time to deal with them before leaving. One of them is this: I still have that camera. It is a Canon EOS 350D. I’m selling it body only so you would have to source a lens but that is not difficult.* It is a very good camera, I now just happen to have the more recent version of the same, a 450D. It has been recently serviced. As I won’t have use for the Compact Flash cards it takes, I’ll be giving a couple of them with the camera, just a 2 GB and a 1GB cards (if I can remember where I put the latter...) and a 512MB one. And a soft case. No ponies, though.

I’m asking for £180.

Enquiries &cc, through the usual channels.

* It would seem, from these eBay pages, that you can get the stock 18-55 lens for as little as £35.

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