Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Went to Bedsitland* at the Orwell for a little while last night. Not entirely sure about it. It was a little bit like Black Plastic but BP is way better. The Orwell is a small pub and it felt quite crowded. I had fun while I was there and danced for a short while (although for once I was aware that I was by far the oldest person present), but I was a bit skint (when am I not, though?) and at some point all the people I knew in the place seemed to have disappeared so I too made a disappearing act -very early, around midnight perhaps.

The band playing earlier (a singer and someone playing on a keyboard controlling a MacBook pro) had much problem with their sound, the singer was inaudible most of the time and on occasions bits of his singing came through, transformed by the magic of technology into little farts. I quite liked them in spite of this, although it made me think of the times when I first came to London in 1986 and was taken to some sweaty old pub in the East End, packed with people and with a band that consisted of a singer and someone playing on a Casio keyboard. Plus ça change.....

* Mind, this link is to their Myspace page, one of those annoying efforts in which music automatically starts blaring out as the page loads.
Tags: diary, events

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