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It was a very good night after all. I say ‘after all’ because quite a few people said they would turn up but didn’t, a few people that had been there in previous years were not and I never heard from them and I had reserved the whole garden in Bin Tang so I was a bit stressed about it all -but they at Bin Tang seem to have better memory of these things than I have, as they had only allocated us half of the garden. In the event it was all good, there was an excellent bunch of friends, the food was very very good, I drank rather too much and there were soap bubbles. No, really. And there was a Spezial Hell for me (or two, or maybe three) in Quinn’s.

Pictures of that and misstiamaria’s and zeke_hubris’s birthday dos will follow at some point later today when my head isn’t throbbing....
Tags: birthdays, events, stuff

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