Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

all those things happening today....

.. Hm, we’ll see whether I can actually make any of them. I’m quite skint and not feeling fantastically well -not really ill, just feeling a little out of sorts. Now, today we have a birthday picnic, another daytime birthday celebration, in the evening there’s emmelinemay’s fantastic birhtday extravaganza, Vagabonds, Dead and Buried and probably a couple more things that escape me now. Not too sure now that I’ll actually make any of them (it would be night impossible to make all of them, mind you). We’ll see. I hope they all have a fantastico day.

[ Edit ] Not sure what’s wrong, I keep alternating between feeling very hot and cold and have a slightly woozy head and no energy , have probably caught some bug so you lot are probably better off without me around. The first one to say that you’re better off without me around at any time, gets shot...
Tags: diary, life

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