Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Just back from lovely dinner at lydiamorgan’s and badusernametag;s. with added mermaidlala and Alan WOLJ. Yummy, yummy dinner by Lydia -peppers filled with halloumi, monkfish risotto with langoustines, fantastic chocolate pudding, much wine and tango danced by Alan and Lala and at some point also by Lydia. And, at some point, played by me -I don’t play much tango, just a couple of the inevitable pieces by Piazzolla and one by Dyens. Amazing to watch, the dance, maybe I should learn to dance it. Difficult, with the time and money constraints (and the two left feet). I was wondering, anita, can you dance the tango? (I imagine most Argentinians can do it at least a little bit?But I’ve met a couple of them, rather good musicians, too, who couldn’t)

Pictures will follow at some point...
Tags: friends, life

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