Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Friends' list, etc

I reckon it should be called ‘subscriber to so-and-so’s blog, LJ, FB,’ whatever, rather than ‘friend’. That term has such an emotive load.

I do get a bit offended when somebody (esp. somebody I quite like IRL( removes me from their f-list. And yes, I know it is silly and irrational. But, again, the terms used (“de-friending”, etc) have quite a bit of emotive charge. And I find it really difficult to remove somebody from my f-list -and, really, I can hardly ever see a good reason to: if you’re here it is because you are a friend, or a friend of a friend, or I consider you somebody who could become a friend if I got to know you a little bit). I don’t care about boring posts or challenging grammar. I do care about certain attitudes and points of view, but if you are here it is very unlikely that you would hold those. It is very easy to get blasé about these things, but LJ (like one or two similar outlets) really has helped me know a little bit better and keep in touch with some lovely people with whom contact would otherwise have been quite difficult or infrequent. Maybe it is not difficult to remove a ‘subscriber’ to your blog, but I find it difficult to ‘de-friend’ somebody, even if they take me out of their f-list on the flimsiest of reasons and blank me out in real life. But there you go.
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