Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

How to start the week stress free...

Put, amongst a few other items, a camera (my compact Canon 720is) on ebay. Get somebody to buy-it-now. The buyer is from Nigeria, with ebay account with zero feedback, registered in the US, created three days ago. Said buyer starts bombarding you with emails from them and, purportedly, from ‘service pay-pal’, to the effect that the ‘funds are on their way as soon as the goods are dispatched’. Yes, of course they are,aren’t they. The really fun bit is trying to contact eBay. They have no phone numbers listed anywhere. You scour the net and find an 0700 number which doesn’t get you anywhere and a ‘Power Seller’ hotline on which, upon hearing that I’m not one such ‘power-seller’, they just put the phone down on me. Have sent three ‘emails’ (well, the web page ticket form) to eBay without getting any reply.

Like I needed this hassle.

And, How’s your Monday morning...?
Tags: stressful bloody stuff, the smirk of the gods

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