Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Here, deathboy was drawing our attention to this unique piece of jewelry and the masterly piece of contemporary American English which accompanies it, of which a friend in the US posted the translation which follows, here:

Flavio Matani <flavio_matanitakethisbitout@mac.com> wrote:

> now, I would like an English translation of all this, please...

> I be relistin' dis cuz fools don't be realizin what they be missin, yo.

I'm relisting this item due to no bids in my last auction.

> Dis be one ova' kind fresh street gear fo' real.

This is quite a unique piece of jewelry.

> All the babies momma's will be all up on that.

Women will swoon when it is worn.

> This puts all dem weak rappa's to shame.

It's so unique, it will be the only one in the neighborhood, and a
conversation piece.

> (flava flav) You be stylin' sportin dis iced out bling-bling.

It shows your intuitive fashion sense.

> It ain't 'bout dat courvoisier or dem Benz's an Escalades. It be all bout dem
>pentiums up in this biatch.

Show people you mean business with a Pentium necklace. Sure to be all
the rage.

>Emblem made of solid 22kt Silicon and lead solder.
>(functional 233mhz Pentium II processor and motherboard)
> Chain made of gold nylon string

I don't think that needs translation.

>Perfect fo yo' shorty's b-day.

Anyone would appreciate receiving this as a gift.

>Sold as is. Dat straight-up thugged out G in strongbad shirt not

Model not included.

>Buyer be payin fo shippin and money orders only.

Money orders only, and buyer will pay all shipping costs.

thanks Elana for the fantastic translation


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