Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

local shopping...

I just went in the local Tesco’s to buy a couple of things, for the first time in a couple of months at least. And I was reminded why I hardly ever go there. It is not cheaper or better supplied than the local shops, almost everything seems to cost around 15% more than in the larger hangar-sized Tesco in Watford, there’s that self-service till which I hate... and there’s the Asian gentleman in the blue suit following me everywhere, ten paces behind, peering over when I’m picking up things from a shelf, looking over from round the corner when I’m standing in front of the bread counter or the beer fridge, contemplating what to buy. Do a little experiment, move two aisles up -yep, he’s there. Move to the previous one two aisles away -there he is, at the end of the very short corridor. Then I pick up the last thing I was going to buy and head for the tills. There’s no-one at the tills. The gentleman in the blue suit is suddenly behind me, pointing at the self-service till when I turn around. “I don’t like those machines”, I say, “Do you have anyone to man the tills?” “I’ll do it for you, sir” says the other guy who had been behind the till. “N-no, I know how to use those machines, I just don’t like them”. Tell him he’ll lose his job to those machines and he will stare back, uncomprehending. Never mind. Will go to the local shops in future, until I forget again in two or three months...
Tags: life, london, the essential futility of it all

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