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Back home

.. from gig, but not the Diary of Dreams gig. I’m a little bit sorry I missed it and perhaps a bit more sorry that I missed Adoration, as I really like them, but my friends John Catto and cyber_child were playing tonight with Ray Mayhew (formerly of Sigue Sigue Sputnik -how does one pronounce that?) at the Lark in the Park on Copenhagen Street and although I’ve known John for night on twenty years and he’s played with pretty much everybody and has a certain cult status in his native Canada I never saw him play the guitar onstage. I’m glad I did, t was full of raw energy and passion, good old rock’n roll. Uncharacteristically, took about a million bad photos of which some thirty or so will appear at some point in the next few days. It was good to see Bob, too, and catch up with him, which was much overdue. Would like to make music with those two. Drove John home, as he had had perhaps a jar or two and I was a bit worried of letting him attempt to get across to Tottenham on his own, guitar on his shoulder, like that, when it was no hassle to drive him home.

Tomorrow , lessons, but not too early. That’s on Tuesday, but we’ll cross that bridge when ...
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