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from the week end and further back

Most of the week end was rather quiet for me. Managed to get my dates wrong (I had something else happening that night but could have made it, just got confused) and missed kaerasta’s birthday. Anyway, on Thursday went to the Orwell for ‘Dead Office Letter’ , purple_gril’s birthday and Sluts’ meet, all rolled into one -and it was a very good night. I enjoyed it. The Orwell doesn’t seem to me to be that suitable for club nights, feels a bit cramped for that, but it is perfect for a gathering like this.

Friday went to the u.c.s.m. dinner, as almost every year except when I’m in Whitby. Apart from that it was a bit of a frantic day, for some reason, although more in terms of stress for things going slightly wrong than for the having to run around.

Saturday -hm. Used to be my busiest teaching day and now I have only one lesson (there were three scheduled but one was cancelled and the other didn’t turn up). The evening brought about Vagabonds, which I enjoyed immensely. Took a few bad pictures which will appear at some point. Didn’t enjoy the tube ride there, though, in a tube train carriage full of football people chanting and being obnoxious, very clearly enjoying being inconsiderate to the rest of the passengers.

Sunday was quiet and clearly the first day of winter. Looking better today, I like a cold sunny day.

Still having intense dreams about being burgled and the car stolen. In those dreams it is my old house in Caracas that gets broken into, not the poky flat I live in on KTR...

It would seem to be blu_matt’s birthday today! Happy Birthday!
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