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pictures from the week-end and other stories

Unfortunately, I never made it to mr_targ’s birthday party. Boo. But I was going to have a very hectic Sunday and these days I seem to be running a bit low in energy. Maybe I’m getting old after all.

Thursday I went to Self-non-Self, which was very good, very intimate (at least up to the point where I left, when lots of people seemed to start to arrive..). I liked the venue, apart from the triple-booking stories...

Saturday I went to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was a very good gig, apart from one or two strange things that had nothing to do with the gig itself. The man was in great form. He and most of his band seem to be complete lunatics. No pictures as I was advised by the venue that I would not be allowed in with a DSLR..

Sunday was a bit hectic. There was the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale, which although looks a bit sparsely attended in my pictures, seems to have been a resounding success and should happen regularly, methinks. Then I went to meet (all too briefly) my friends Sara and Roger at bellajonez’s. Then I had to drive around for a couple of lessons, which all happened -very good for a Sunday- and then to Hoxton for dinner with my friends Dan and Meeya. Good friends, lovely food, electric guitars and effects to play with, what more could a flavio want...

Monday was rather quiet apart from a couple of lessons..
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