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earworm and week-end so far

Home after the couple of lessons I do on Sundays.

This day seems to have shrunk enormously... not a lot happened today. May need to start looking for flatmate to replace K, not thrilled about that but has to be done.

There were four -no, five birthday celebrations yesterday, all of people I really like. What do you do. I went to silkyfish\s dinner at the Cape Town Fish Market, which is not a market and is not in Cape Town (well, this one isn’t; the mothership seems to indeed be in Cape). Yummy food, good company and managed to keep the bill within what I could pay, by drinking a couple of the free glasses of wine for other people who didn’t want wine.. (sometimes you do win). Then after I was going to go to another one of the birfday parties, just to say hello for the most part, but first I got soaked in Oxford St waiting for a bus then got off at the wrong stop and got completely, absolutely drenched. That’ll learn me ... normally I forgo the drink and drive myself instead, this time I felt I didn’t want to do that. Ended up at the Big Red in time to say Hapi Birfdei to mupstasia and andialan. That bit was good too, just the travelling in between was one of the most miserable (not the worst, by any stretch, just the most miserable) experiences I’ve had in recent times...

[ Edit ] I didn’t explain what the earworm in the title of this was. One of my Sunday pupils is this guy who runs a yoga centre and wants to play sort of pop settings of mantras. I have one of those damn songs on repeat loop inside my head and can’t get rid of the blasted thing...
Tags: diary, life, weather, week end

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