Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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Ok, so didn’t go to Black Plastic and didn’t go to the Slime. Instead, I went to erming’s birthday drinks in Vauxhall at the Zeitgeist, which was difficult to find in an unexpected way: contrary to what I expected (South London? Terra incognita, there be dragons..I always get lost south of the river..) I found the address in one but couldn’t find the venue at first. Turns out that ‘Zieitgeist’ is run at or is part of or whatever, atf a pub whose name I’ve forgotten but was very clear and visible. It was a good night... although I did have a very strange surreal conversation about music with somebody, which left my head very hurty and throbbing. Came back early, giving a lift to this guy whose name I should really remember, Clive and barbedwirekiss; the latter got off at the Dev Hobgobwhateveritscallednow and the others at Kentish Town tube. And I got home in time to .. do nothing, download pics from the camera to the computer, muck around on teh internets and write this while having a gin and tonic or perhaps two.

And watch again yesterday’s episode from Battlestar Galactica. Mournful and depressing, why do I like that stuff. Little wonder I hang out with goths... And ex-goths. And “what?-I’m-not-a-goth-f**-you”s....

Maybe I should have gone to Black Plastic or the Slimelight, once upon the time I would have been arriving to the latter at about this time, but maybe not now. At least not today (that, or I’m getting old..oi, shut up, you..).Finish that gin & tonic, have a brief encounter with the toothbrush and a slightly longer one with the pillow. Good night....
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