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not much snow round here yet....

Not much snow here as yet. I had watched the weather report in the news, which stated that it was going to be really bad and it was coming our way, so cancelled my lessons in Watford and lunch in Berkhamsted with a friend, as I didn’t want to get stuck on the road, etc. Maybe that was a bit premature. We’ll see.

Not much to report. I may go to Inferno tonight, possibly. It has the great virtue of being very close to home (and the likelihood of there being a lot of friends and people I know there). Next Friday might be more complicated as there seem to be at least five events/things organised by friends.I also should watch those pennies. Whilst my precarious finances have had a mild recovery (or perhaps just not the descent into disaster that looked possible in November) it would not take an awful lot to put me in dire stratis -I didn’t really need to lose a whole teaching day at WBGS on Tuesday, I hope there isn’t another lost day there.

Anything interesting happening, besides Inferno?
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