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and it is Saturday evening yet again...

Went to Inferno last night, which was a lot of fun. I danced a lot (badly, of course; that goes without saying but, hey), ran into lots of peeps from different sub-ssts of friends.. may have drunk slightly too much. It probably is Jim’s fault:P

So, this morning I woke up scant fifteen minutes before noondaydemon was due to knock on our door for a Hella song-writing session/rehearsal. Impossibly, this went very well and I think we may have one and a half new songs. The rest of the day has gone very slowly, watching Battlestar Galactica’s ‘Blood on the Scales’, reading (Kate Mosse’s ‘The Labyrinth’) and pottering around. I’m considering going to the Slimelight, given that I haven’t even been there at all so far this year.
Tags: diary, week end

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