Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

slightly belatedly....

... Happy Birthday, ninshubur !! Hope it was a very good one!

ION, today, apart from just two lessons, brought lunch at Mario’s with bellajonez, which was very good, and wander around Camden and coffee with atr0pine, which was excellent. And some doodling in the new Garageband, which produced a cheesy rock-by-numbers number which was fun to do but which you are not going to hear. Ever. And not a lot more. Tomorrow will be a bit more hectic.... still wondering whether to go to the Sluts’ meet at the Tup or Dead Letter Office (weren’t they supposed to conflate? What happened there?)

[ Edit ] No, this morning I checked -oh, ok, I stumbled onto the fact that iDLO is next week not today. And then of course Psyche reminded me -cough-
Tags: birthdays, diary, events, stuff

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