Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

and another one

..Happy Birthday, jackdiablo !!

See you later tonight. That doesn’t mean you’ll see me, or see several of me, depending on levels of non-sobriety... :P
And Happy Birthday also to _jon_ for tomorrow!

Quiet morning thus far, apart from vivid colourful nightmares earlier (of which , however,I remember practically nothing)
Off for some errands, lunch with friends and then Watford for a couple of lessons there. I’m still rather skint so don’t be surprised if I don’t turn up to your club/party, etc; I need to save some pennies. Having said that, I’ll probably get cabin fever if I stay here the week-end so I’ll probably end up at some of those clubs, parties, etc... It may mean also that I might not make it to Whitby this April. That’s ok, I have been there once or twice and know what it looks like:P pity not to see so many peeps I really only ever see there, though.
Tags: birthdays, diary, life

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