Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

various bits of nothing

Not sure why I’m so tired. Today was one of those hectic days when not much seems to be achieved, bur it wasn’t particularly bad; lunch invite at friends’ in Berkhamsped, a couple of lessons, a few errands before and after. Now I’m pondering whether to go all the way to Enfield to annoy deathboy for a little way. Deadly tired, though, and it is either a long drive or, judging from the TFL route planner, a nightmarish first acquaintance with half the extreme North London public transport network. We’ll see.

About the strange episode at the Orwell last night, when the place was suddenly invaded by rowdy old men in flat caps and tatty felt hats banging fists on tables and looking rather threatening, and extremely loud women with gold chains and piercing shouty voices, maybe the attendance record for the event was a portent, as you might surmise from said record here....
Tags: diary, stuff

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