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After the horrid week I had, the week-end was actually quite good.

On Friday I didn't, alas, go to Boom Boom. Ran into blackberryqueen,hotel_noir, gelflyng and jamesknight and his dad at the Dev and ended up in Tenebrae, which was a very good night, if a bit too hot for me -then I remembered why I stopped going there around May last year, till October or so.

Saturday brought the visit from Jaqui, we went to kajia's and Ross's cocktail party which was a lovely evening. Many mojitos and martinis later we staggered back home...

Now making phone calls to various creditors and pupils and waiting for the RAC to come pick my car up to take it to the mechanic in Watford, will try and persuade them to let me pay in instalments.... and thanks bulletproofcat for the info.. my mechanic, though, says that the belt itself is only ten quid or so. But if it breaks while the engine is running a lot of the engine can get damaged, that's why the repair may be very costly

I'll have to perform miracles to raise the money, may end up selling the car after that and getting a three hundred pound banger.....

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