Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

hazy sunshine on a saturday afternoon...

In the end I went to Sin City last night, mostly to say happy birthday to Sophie and Tasha WOLJ. Based on previous experience, I was expecting to feel incredibly old, surrounded by a constituency whose average age would be 16. It wasn’t quite so and there were quite a few friends and peeps I know and I had quite a good time. I do not intend to repeat the experience every week, though.

Today I’ve done a couple of lessons, installed Mac OS X on a netbook and thinking about lunch or going out in the park or something. Tonight probably will bring Reptile. I like that night, but last time I was a bit out of sorts when I went and had a fit of loneliness so I lasted less than an hour, less than a pint before turning back home. I get the nagging feeling there is something else happening tonight but there is nothing in my diary. I can’t spend any more money this week-end, though...

Right. Enjoy the sunshine while it’s there..
Tags: clubs, diary, stuff, week end

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