Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

tuit tuit me...

Although I’m still in two minds about Twitter (the signal to noise ratio is rather low and I can never keep up with it all, much worse than LJ or FB in that respect), I do find that, like other slightly naff bits of the Internet (like Usenet) it may be moderately useful. I also find that some people do read the transcripts of them here as I do read theirs. I do not want to impose them on other people so I put them behind a cut, so as not to offend some delicate sensibilities. But I think people do make a storm in a teacup over it, Twitter is evil and if you make it appear on your page I’ll defriend you because if you use it you’re a little less than human, sort of thing. C’mon, it is just another bit of the internet. I find most of the so-called memes (term apparently coined by Dawkins and which has a much wider meaning) rather very tiresome, as well as the large pictures that make you have to scroll horizontally for miles to see what people have said -in your entire page. But I don’t think I could complain so loudly and intensely about those things because I do not feel so intensely about those things. If someone is on my friends’ list it is not because they put there or not their twitter posts, but because I like and identify with at least aspects of who/what they are and feel that they are friends or could be friends.

So, please calm down. Mine’s a pint, by the way:P
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