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monday, monday...

Doing stuff round the house, sorting through stuff to see what I must keep or can throw away (this is really painful, I'm a natural hoarder and hate throwing stuff out) and, mostly, waiting. This sense of dread, as if I was waiting for the jury's verdict in a trial in which I don't even know what I'm accused of, this vague Kafkian empty horror.

Throwing away hundreds upon hundreds of cassette tapes -and keeping as many, can't bring myself to throw all those bad rehearsals, concerts of friends, etc. Throwing away gazillions of magazines, magazine CDs (mostly Mac related, a few electronic music making related), VHS video tapes (the latter, under the classification system that if it hasn't got a label and I can't recall what it is, I won't be missing it anyway).

Do I really need all those back copies of New Scientist? What do you mean, 'no'? And those CD backups going back to the mid-Nineties...

And, ION and BTW, Happy Birthday, mr_flay!!
Tags: birthdays, house, kipple, ktr

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