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Back from school in Watford. Much shorter working day, this last half-term: all (well, the few I have in these categories) pupils doing year 11, GCSE, etc are away on 'study leave'. Some others are doing various exams or away on trips. Curiously, I find it difficult to use the time I spend waiting for pupils who end up not turning up, productively. A little bit of guitar practice, another exchange of emails with the people selling the flat, or brokering (is that the word) the mortgage, or the lawyers, etc. and I'm in that peculiar state where I can only wait for the next bit of news about how things are doing and everything else is just exasperating. How little patience I have when it comes to anything other than teaching the guitar.

Good to see miss_amethyst last night at the Big Red. Briefly, as I had to come back for lessons here. Oh well.
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