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slow news day

I see on the BBC News channel that it is World Knitting in Public Day, with some women who call themselves something like guerrilla knitters wrapping posts and benches (in Covent Garden) with knitted wool. Change the world through knitting? The world certainly looks different from Hampstead, or wherever ....

That, and the Iranian elections. I just don't even want to go there. They look so surprised that Mr Al-Med -oh, ok, can't spell or pronounce his name, sorry, has been declared the winner by a relatively large margin less than 24 hours after the poll. He might well have won for real, for many reasons, but it does look dodgy from here.

In the meantime, life in the flavworld still on hold, waiting for things to happen. By Monday or Tuesday I should know. Hopefully. Today, a couple of lessons, some guitar practice and probably Last Days of Decadence in the evening.
Tags: current affairs, diary, the information age

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