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another monday morning

Week-end was generally good, although I seem to have missed on a lot of stuff happening that I would have liked to attend. Mostly just went to aliasrob’s birthday party on Saturday evening at the Resistance gallery -which was a blast. There will be a few pictures on my facebook, and there is now a little film clip of Adenoids playing the Kitty Song.

Today, a few lessons and the tense wait for the next round of impossible stuff from the bank -last attempt. This probably sounds very cryptic, but it feels even more so. The way banks, property developers, mortgage vendors, lawyers and the like deal with the world is, to me, arcane and incomprehensible. I’d rather make music, but this has to be dealt with. It’ll be good if I can pull it, but it looks nigh on impossible now, no longer sure even why I keep trying.

I still have a Dreamwidth invite code, if anyone wants it.
Tags: diary, dreamwidth, life

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