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no revenge

Never made it to Revenge. Had thought of going to Vagabonds first and then Revenge but it would have been too much expense and an unknown quantity, although it did sound like I could like it. Vagabonds was quite good, apart from the awkward moment as I was leaving when I offered a lift to somebody who seemed to be quite offended by this. A bit as if what I was saying and what they were hearing were quite different things. There are many things in the world and in people that I do not understand.

Today, a couple of lessons in the afternoon and BBQ at origamitiger and strawberryfrog. Two small guitar practice projects to have a little look at: looking at the arpeggios in Bach's Chaconne and seeing what I want (and my fingers are able) to make of them. And starting to study again a piece that a friend, Walter Fabeck, wrote for me some years ago. Couple of small things to remind myself why I'm living this life like this and also to take my mind off the flat continuing story.
Tags: diary, guitar, life, week end

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