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Once again, the sickle of time falls onto the anvil of life turning it into the yoke that drives us towards -oh, ok, I'll leave the Humphrey Littleton impressions to someone else more capable.

It being my birthday on Tuesday 14th, I'm thinking about the yearly flavbirthdaydinner at BinTang, followed by a quiet glass or ten in Quinn's. I was thinking of Thursday the 16th or Friday the 17th; both have pros and cons. Friday would be much more difficult to book, Thursday means people are still concerned about getting up early for work the next day, etc. What say you? It would be useful to know who's coming and which day is best. Please let me know either way. What, facelessbook event, did you say? Mm... maybe, when I decide on a day.

[ Edit ] Will speak to the restaurant later and enquire about Thursday.
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