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I seem to have a relatively empty day in front of me. Many things to do, but not to a time-scale. Might pop over to Borough Market for cheese and salami. I should do some tidying, though, and packing away of stuff I don't expect I'll be needing in the next few weeks. Also do a little guitar practice, for which the aforementioned Bach's Chaconne is quite good, Between that and Andrew York's 'Sunburst' that should be a good technical finger, scale and arpeggio work-out.

I also need to find an occupant for the empty room, I can't afford to pay all that rent on my own. I think I should advertise it on a three-month basis, as the contract here runs out in October and I won't be renewing it. Of course the new tenant could take it on in my stead (that was discussed with the agency). Hm. If you hear of anyone needing a room ... details in previous post.

Inferno last night was very good (for me, one has to qualify). Crossing swords with ms_jinxme on the dance floor was lots of fun, even if I lost:P I think her friend did not quite like the fencing thing. There are several things happening tonight, a couple of birthdays; not sure what I'll do yet, if anything.

First of all, though, breakfast..
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