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So far.

The last of the French invasion seem to be gone now. I have notified the letting agents that I will not be renewing my lease. That might have been a bit premature, have to wait and see, but need to find my own space. In the meantime...

New flatmate seems to be ok. Moving in a week from now. At that point James' French sub-letter (yes, I'm aware) should be moving out. Come October.. we'll see, depends on what happens but I should be out of here in any case. The vendors of the flat I'm trying to buy phoned yesterday; I suspect they're getting impatient. Wouldn't blame them, this has gone so long and involved. It is absurd that I have nearly a 50% deposit and cannot get a mortgage for £36K for a place where I would spend far less in mortgage/maintenance/rent than I do in this rat-hole but there you go.

Flavbirthdaydinner was good, I remember most of it. We had to abandon the garden at some point and take refuge in the basement at Bin Tang. Then we moved to Quinn's, which again was good, although there were a few faces that I thought I would see but were not there. Mind you, by then everybody seemed to have duplicated faces, I can only hope I didn't do anything embarrassing or offended anybody. I don't get drunk often, so perhaps I'm not au fait with the protocols required:D

Didn't make it to Black Plastic last night, shame. Tonight, either Invocation or, wait, the Slimelight. I might go there, some friends I seldom see these days will be there. But then again..

In the meantime, some guitar practice and finishing the book I'm reading -and some doodling in Logic.
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