Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a busier Sunday...

.. than I anticipated. A few lessons, the Bring and Buy Sale, where I brought friends but ending up not buying anything, mostly by sort of accident but was a good gathering and felt a little guilty -one should support things that one likes or approves of. Going to Central London to puck up a used Powerbook for Heidi; the machine may or may not have a couple of issues, so carrying out further examinations, as it were. I even put in a little guitar practice at some point and waded through the pictures I’d taken at the Cybercide/System FX gig at the Turtle on Friday.

Last night I went to pir’s birthday, then to Dead and Buried which was a blast for me although I hardly set foot on the main floor and I’m not into Deathrock. I normally drive so don’t drink. But last night I wasn’t driving...

Tomorrow should bring five lessons in the daytime, if it all happens ok. And I may have a free week-day evening for the first time in ages.
Tags: diary, stuff, week end

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