Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

yesterday and today...

Excellent night last night, celebrating deathboy and Kirsten's new status at the Last Days of Decadence. Later today, going to Future Gardens with Heidi. Need to be back and do housey stuff like vacum-cleaning before the flat is buried under dust. And practise guitar, I'm a little bit behind with my self-assigned goals for the week. I really only seem to practise hard when I have a gig coming...

Will have to mull over the whole flat thing over the week-end, see whether I want and whether it is in my interest to go ahead with plan A-1, or A-4 rather, this far, or whether I should cut my losses (a pile of money, so far) and call it a day.

[ Edit ] While I was away at the Gardens (and it is well worth a visit, although finding a discount first as they want to charge you £12 admission), got a number of obviously bot-generated weird anonymous comments on this entry, with nonsensical words about 'ornaments' and lots of what looks to me like Chinese ideograms. Strange world.

Tags: friends, house, stuff

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