Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

antidote, picnic and other stuff

Antidote was fun, it was good to see some peeps I hadn't seen for quite a while now. I am not sure I will be coming back often though. A very minor thing, but one that troubles me a bit. It may even be a matter of perception on my part, but still. It still was very good and I do recommend the night.

The picnic in Hampstead was very good, it was perfect weather, nearly_everyone was there. Lots of fun; pics of both events will follow.

Tomorrow will be a day of decisions for me. Some may be taken by other people in my stead, which doesn't make it easier.

In the meantime, still reading Cryptonomicon and beginning to get into it, although I still find it a bit tedious in most of the modern-day side of the story.
Tags: books, clubs, friends, picinics, week end

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