Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Cat Women from the Moon

B-Movie was good. Danced a fair bit, which is unusual, caught up with featheredwings, silkyfish, dj_gassmann, untermensch, beric and a number of other friends and people I like (this could turn into a very long list..). It was hot but bearable, which made a change from recent weeks, but I still felt I was sweating like a pig ('but, pigs don't sweat', I hear you say again....)

Oh, yes, the movies; brilliant black and white 'Quasimodo' (which I'd never seen). It was odd that I was going to comment to someone next to me about Quasimodo being just about to be flogged in the public square and then bluekieran was there replacing him, having stood on the stage right there and then, and then the suffering Esmeralda in turn was replaced by a bouncing lydiamorgan..... then there was the incredibly cheesy trash sci-fi flick of the title... the 'cat women' in question all looked familiar, I'm sure I've seen them all someplace else...

A very good night, somewhat marred towards the end by some incident that resulted in a police van outside. Lazy flavio had taken the car... so drove gelflyng home and then finally arrived at mine at some point past 3:00 am. Of course, having decided on the way in that I needed to go to the loo, I found there was someone there already, at that time. Fate, I suppose.

edit: comment by sexbat on the incident, here. I have to say that many people were quite unaware of anything unusual or untowards going on, as it was quite localised (it happened in the toilets) and may only have realised something ahd happened when they came outside to find police presence.

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