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right - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
Finished my last lesson for today. I'd had a late lunch with that (rather garlicky) pesto I'd made earlier, maybe I should wonder whether those pupils are going to come back now:P

Tomorrow may be a somewhat intense day. Have to deal with the flat lawyers, also go to the letting agents and try and unravel the complication with the flat I'm living in 'at the moment' (quote marks, because I've been here for nearly seven years. It's beginning to feel like I'm detaching myself from it, though -maybe prematurely so, we'll see).

I'm beginning to dread the moving house thing. Just the thought of unpick and pack my life (and I've got so much stuff, a lot of which I do not want to part with), sort out the mess of this flat in the process, carry it all to the new place and sort it there, leave this place in a state vaguely resembling habitability, etc etc, fills me with dread...

Ah, yes, one more thing today: Happy Birthday, gemlins!! Have a good one!:)

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