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week-end so far...

... has been very good and started, really, on Thursday evening, joining silkyfish, childericand a few others for a pub quiz night -now, I notice with some alarm that I didn't get bored and didn't fall asleep, so my life-long vow of non-involvement with those things seems to be weakening. I must note, though, that as expected any team I join ends up last....After we ended up at silkyfish's friend for a glass of wine. Or two (but not me, I was driving... )

Last night went to purplestuart's birthday do for a bit, which was good (did I say, Happy Birthday, Stuart?), then went to Synthetic Culture with lydiamorgan and chris_damage who did a splendid job dj'ing there. Hadn't been to Egg before.. and find myself repeating what others have said. Fantastic venue. Nice touches, the patio with the canvas canopy, the barbeque (!). Very expensive drinks, especially when you find yourself there with just a tenner in your pocket. My only gripe apart from this would be the tiny dancefloor upstairs.... Danced quite a bit, came back home at some unspecified time...

Today, a quiet day, against what i was expecting. Just playing around with music programs and stuff. Going to Strength Through Joy at the Garage a little later....

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