Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Prophetic counselling ..

.. maybe I do need that prophetic counselling from the church across the road, to ascertain when the BT man will be here to activate my phone line. The man I first spoke to on the phone had said 8 to 12. When I phoned BT a short while ago (one of the most frustrating phone calls I've made recently) the woman said it was 8 to 1. It is 2 pm now and no sign of them. Do they mean 8 to 12, or 1, in this time zone?

[ Edit ] Second phone call to BT and I'm told that I 'have to wait all day'. Then when I tell him for the second time that I'm seeing on the order tracking page that 'there has been a change in the completion date of your order' he makes me wait some more and says that 'there is a fault in the line..' -he offers to ring me back on my mobile number, which they have, as well as my email address, but no-one has told me at all what is happening. What a farce, and a wasted day.
Tags: stuff

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