Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

BT stands for...

So, the engineers from British Telecommunications Plc (if that's what the acronym means, still) never turned up, a series of phone calls to them turned out to be a complete waste of time and energy, they were supposed to phone back which they never did and I still have no telephone. And of course they had enquired at first about whether they had to do the arrangement for broadband at the exchange but when I phoned again that was not in the job remit so I'll be without internet proper for at least another week after I get the phone line. And wasted the whole day yesterday waiting for them.

I think redd_foxx may have the right solution for this, as per this email from her:

I would be volcanically angry if that happened and around twelve phoned his office for a progress report as they must be able to contact these guys. I would think they call in when completing jobs so they are trackable. When one does arrive you have my permisso to open the door, say"BT Man?" and he confirms, whack him right between the eyes.No apologising and helping him up, offering a tissue for the nose bleed or anything, if he attempts to speak, just knock him straight down again. This method of approach establishes customer superiority and does away with the usual rubbish of them thinking you have any interest in them whatsoever.If he cant just quietly enter, go about his business efficiently and leave, phone his office while he is there and say you're furious that he hasn't turned up and that his van is parked at a rakish angle on the pavement outside the local pub. That'll show him. Sorted. You'll have him eating out of your hand if you just show him who's boss. The customer is, after all always right .
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