Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

october, already?

first of all, Happy Birthday, monted!! Hope it's a very good one!

At this end of things, this was a second week-end of moving house. I had moved most of my stuff last week-end but there was a lot left behind -and a horrendous mess which I had to try and clear. With a lot of help with redd_foxx and several trips to the dump recycling centre.

Haven't been out much this week-end, apart from a brief excursion to Blacklist at the Elixir and then Inferno, but I left early (around 2:00 am) -maybe a bit tired after the whole moving thing, shifting stuff, or maybe I'm just getting old... or maybe I'm just enjoying the being in my own space just now, even if I'm surrounded by a million cardboard boxes at the moment..
Tags: birthdays, house, stuff, week end

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