Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

in a neighbourly fashion

After my early lesson of Thursdays in Tufnell Park, a little more sleepy than usual as I was awake half the night. There was a frightful row upstairs somewhere in the building, lots of door slamming and stomping and shouting, seemingly for hours, and creative and original use of the English language, the highlight of which was probably the guy shouting "GET THE F**NG F**K OUT MY F**ING HOUSE YOU F**NG C**T -YOU KNOWWHADDA MEAN?"

It was the use of the latter tag that intrigued me enormously... what do you think, Professor Interweb? This might be an example of ex-tempore usage of local colloquial idioms by wild Briton South East tribes, while engaging in their customary social-ranking definition ritual ceremonies, usually involving the imbibing of sacred ritual potations, probably that most commonly used, exotic one known as 'vodka...'

Today is going to be a long day..
Tags: life, stuff

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