Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

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cherry on the cake....

.. it was already one of those days.....

... Then the car broke down (only the second time it does that, but, hey, it does it big when it does..) exactly in the same spot where it did before, at the bottom of Highgate Road approaching the junction with Fortess Rd and KTR.. was going to change gear and there were no gears to change to, the gear stick just swinging there not engaging any gears.... so I coasted past the lights and it came to die a little further

So I phoned silkyfish to say I might... be late for drinks since car dead, RAC membership lapsed (don't ask why) etc.. and eventually she turned up with the South Afrikan Army: dj_gassmann, untermensch and a couple of other people who helped push the car until we found a side street where it was safe to leave it. Eternally grateful flavius_m...

Means Monday is going to be even more lively than I thought it would... anyway, thanx again, guys...

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