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slow journey nowhere

Well, I did try. Got up at 6:00, got my stuff ready, walked (very slowly) to the car, fell over in the snow, managed to get the car out of the side-street where it was parked, without practically any brakes or steering. It felt really dangerous so I called it a day and phoned the school and my head of music. Of course none of them were up yet. Fell over again on the very slow walk back home. Then I had the call: the school is closed anyway. Now I'm too awake to go back to bed and have a rather sore bottom (I bet you needed to know this).

Maybe will go out later to take pictures of the snow. For the time being.. don't know. Reading and watching the news and seeing what people are up to in LJ, FB, Twitter and the rest.
Tags: life in these british islands, snow

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