Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Haven't left the house, have slept twelve hours again. I think my body needed that, whatever it is that I had caught. Feeling better now but not going out tonight -sorry if I had promised to attend your birthday/club/house party/funeral/whatever, I think it's not gonna happen. I feel that I need to allow myself lots of sleep and do nothing in order to recover. And cannot afford to cancel all those lessons in the coming week, so the moment is now.

Haven't quite been doing nothing. Been doing the figures for my accountant, who famously, in the words of the guy from the Woolwich I was trying to wrangle a mortgage from, 'is too good'. I'm hopeless at it and hate every second of it but has to be done, cannot just present the guy with a big bucket full of bits of paper.

Also have been reading The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker. Don't quite always agree with some of his premises but I find it a very interesting read -I do suspect I may be in a minority on that one, though.

Did go to yog_sthoth and Krisztina's last night for yummy dinner. Ungratefully I repaid by tormenting them with a guitar. A lovely evening apart from that.

A reminder that one can donate online at http://www.dec.org.uk/ to try and help a tiny little bit with the Haiti earthquake relief effort.
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