Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

one week-end in the life

I missed several events happening this week-end, more notoriously on Friday when I fell asleep in the evening and woke up in the early hours. That hadn't happened for a long time.

I did attend erming's birthday celebration at Zeitgeist. This was excellent, with lots of convivial folk, German beer and a free German buffet that pulverised my intention of not eating much yesterday. And a paper aeroplane battle. Later that night I went to green_badger, andialan and mupstasia's birthday party in, what is it called now, what used to be the Archway Tavern. And, again, a very good party it was, in a very different way. The DJs did an excellent job, I caught up with people (or, in some cases, nodded and smiled while straining to make out what they were saying), danced a bit and may have been a bit thrunk towards the end, although I'm pretty sure I didn't dance on the tables or propose marriage to anybody. Came back relatively early, around 3:00 am, as I had a number of things to do today, which I somehow failed miserably at completing, apart from one lesson.

There'll be pictures of the Zeitgeist event (taken with cheap compact camera; my main lens is dedd and I'm waiting for insurance payment..) appearing at some point in the next couple of days.

(this first appeared in http://flavius-m.livejournal.com/ )
Tags: birthdays, life, week end

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