Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

sweet awakenings

Loud knock on the door this morning.

"Open up, it's the Police!"

And of course Flavio thinks "oh, no; they've found me at last". And then "but, wait, I haven't really done anything, guv, like really ...". All the effects of not-enough-sleep and a caffeine deficiency in the system. Also, second time this happens within a couple of months. This building must be the cave of the forty thieves or something...

I opened the door to find five or six police officers roaming around, knocking on doors. They asked me whether I was so-and-so -some very English sounding name; I managed not to ask whether I looked like my name could be that. I looked around and seeing so much display of police force I said 'it looks fairly serious'. The officer who had spoken to me said, deadpan, "Oh, no; he just has to clarify a couple of points for us...."
Tags: life in these british islands, london, stuff

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