Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a grey Thursday morning

 First of all: I'm allowing these LJ posts to appear in Facebook. This has already resulted in an anonymous comment -not offensive or anything, just something in Spanish apparently telling me off for 'not doing anything about the Venezuelan situation'. Well, I've lived for 23 years some  seven thousand  km away in a different reality with different problems in my life. I am too far away to really know what's going on and make judgments. And I am not for or against the regime. If you cannot live with that then maybe  I shouldn't be on your friends' list. And I  have to put this here as I cannot reply to the comment as it was anonymous (being logged in in facebook doesn't mean I can see who you are from livejournal). Next time please let me know who you are.

On reading this again, boy, it sounds a bit grumpy doesn't it. I 'm getting cantankerous in my old age (to come;P). I didn't mean it like that. Really:).

ION, I'm at the Literary Café again, croissant and coffee watching the grey grey soggy London morning outside. I love it....
Tags: blog, life, people, stuff

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