Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Weiß Bier

A most enjoyable evening with silkyfish, dj_gassmann, mis_appropriate, Ellie and Simon and featheredwings at Quinn's, the big yellow pub on the corner of Hawley Rd, catching up, putting the world (or small subsections of it) to rights, and in kind of pre-farewell to Sarah and Uwe who are moving to the country (and eating all the peaches?)

Apart from the unsurpassably good company, other highlights of the evening included extremely good German (I think) Dunkel Weissbier, in which there seems to me to be a serious contradiction in terms but never mind, very nice nonetheless. Lo-lights included, at least for me, the giant screen screaming foot-ball and the corresponding screaming public. Pity I had to leave early (they're still there as I write this) as I have to get up at obscene o'clock in the morning ...

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