Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the social networking thing

People seem to be coming back to livejournal! This, it seems to me, is a good thing. FB is good for arranging events and the photo-tagging thing, but it seems to me to encourage a sort of very superficial connection with people. Then there is all the semi-spam from games, events and people you have no idea who they are. Not that it didn't happen here before, of course, but it (seems to me like it) is much worse over there at FB. For the Dreamwidth fans, yes, it is good, it's nearly the same as this without the Russian owners but it is even more of a minority interest. Although minority interests seem to be my fate, me the child of outsiders in the fringes of the Western world (or so we used to think of it over there at the time), ending up being a classical guitarist, a sort of hippie-socialist, hanging out with goths, using Apple Macs. And now a blodi forrener in this soggy island, one of a tiny few from my part of the world (if I get asked one ore time  whether I'm from Argentina...)

I will not mention the election. Yes, you should vote. No, I cannot vote in the general election, I'm a blodi forrener. Ok, that's that. Next.

On an only slightly related note, Is anybody except for a couple of fifteen year old pupils of mine lamenting the impending disappearance of Bebo?
Tags: life, stuff, the information age

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