Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a sunny spring day

I like this time of year. When it is like today, that is; not the windy grey horrible thing we'd had of late. Get up late, have a quiet breakfast -must make a note to avoid the Today programme until the 8th of May or so. Go to the centre of town, do a couple of errands, buy a couple of things I need and land myself in one of the very few surviving classical guitar shops left, the London Guitar Studio  in Duke St.  Buy a couple of guitar things, try out a few guitars -this latter bit is dangerous, I nearly came out having bought another guitar, stopped myself just in time. Need to get a guitar to take for teaching, though; good enough to play on but not so good or expensive that I worry a lot that something might happen to it while in school, etc (things do happen, have happened). Came back to Kentish Town and had lunch in Delicious, tiny tiny new little pasta place near here, run by this lovely Venetian lady. All good. Just one lesson today, then probably pub tonight. 
Tags: life, stuff

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