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the kaleidoscope turns

 And the world becomes a different place. 

So we have a new Prime Minister. Hm, I don't like him, I do not like what he stands for and what he intends to do but, on the other hand, the other lot had clearly exhausted themselves. Power seems to do something very noxious to people. I'm sure many of them start with good intentions, maybe they still believe they are only doing whatever's necessary for the greater good by the end of it. But they seem to become encased in their different little world, surrounded as they are by sycophantic cliques that will tell them what they think they want to hear.

I actually like Brown. Ok, shoot me now if you will. I do like him and believe he's an honest man. He just should never have been the Prime Minister. 

On a different sphere of things, my life seems to be changing enormously. A ghost from the past seems to be becoming the possible shape of the future for me. We'll see. Sorry to be cryptic on that one. It's all good, thus far.

Ok, more coffee and I'm out of here. I'm late already....
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